Programme Administration Services

Great American Specialty & Affinity Limited is able to handle all administrative functions associated with the insurance scheme to ensure a rewarding, long-term relationship. Typically this will include all aspects relating to Account Management, Marketing, Customer Service, Claims Handling and Interface with Insurer.

The following are some of the capabilities we offer to our partners:

  • Develop and implement the most effective marketing programmes.
  • Direct access to in house Group insurers Great American International Insurance (UK) Limited and Great American International Insurance (EU) DAC.
  • Pan-European platform, capabilities and expertise.
  • Provide professional customer service.
  • Perform all enrolment, transaction and billing functions.
  • Act as a resource for participating members and serve as their advocates in finding answers.
  • Promote programmes and benefits to members.
  • Dedicated pan-european customer service call centre with skills-based native language speakers.
  • Client branded fulfilment and policy administration services.
  • Call recording, to maintain high service levels and positive customer experience.
  • Remote document production.
  • A suite of complementary ancillary products to generate incremental revenue.
  • Cross sales between different types of insurance product.
  • Development and delivery of product literature and marketing campaigns.